Ai Chatbot Powered By GPT 3.5 Turbo

Our AI Chatbot, powered by Open Ai GPT-3.5 Turbo, is a cutting-edge solution designed specifically to enhance learning experiences using books as its vast knowledge base. With its advanced capabilities and user-friendly interface, our chatbot offers an array of features to help students & teachers delve deeper into their subjects, streamline studying, and reinforce understanding.

We were granted the Open Ai development key after a manual check by Microsoft since Open Ai APIs are not yet available in Egypt.

Contextualized Learning

Our chatbot leverages school books as its primary source of information, ensuring accurate and relevant responses. It understands and responds to questions based on the content within the provided textbooks.

Intelligent Q&A

Students & Teachers can ask questions related to their school books, and our chatbot provides detailed and comprehensive answers, offering valuable insights and clarifications on various subjects.

AI Summarizer

Our chatbot includes an AI-powered summarization feature, allowing students & teachers to condense lengthy chapters or complex topics into concise summaries. This feature enables efficient revision and helps students & teachers grasp key concepts quickly.

Quiz Generator

Our AI Chatbot, powered by GPT-3.5 Turbo, not only generates custom quizzes based on school book content for students but also offers valuable benefits for teachers. They can assess student progress, identify knowledge gaps, save time on assessment creation, promote engagement, and provide personalized feedback using the chatbot’s quiz generation feature.

Acadevian Chatbot can understand and answer in Egyptian Common Arabic اللغة العامية المصرية, enhancing accessibility and user experience.

Text-To-Speech 🎙

In addition to its existing features, our AI Chatbot goes the extra mile by incorporating text-to-speech functionality in both Arabic and English. This capability enables students to listen to the responses and explanations provided by the chatbot, catering to different learning preferences and enhancing accessibility.

Speech-To-Text 🎙

Moreover, our chatbot also supports speech-to-text functionality, allowing users to engage in spoken conversations with the AI. This feature simplifies the interaction process and provides a seamless experience for users who prefer speaking rather than typing.

With these added capabilities, our AI Chatbot ensures a versatile and inclusive learning environment, empowering students and educators with convenient text-to-speech and speech-to-text functionalities.

Benefits ✋🏻

Accessible Learning

Our chatbot provides instant access to information from school books, making learning materials easily available anytime, anywhere.

Personalized Learning Experience

Students & Teachers can receive tailored responses and recommendations based on their individual learning goals and progress, creating a personalized learning journey.

Active Engagement

The Quiz Generator feature promotes active engagement with the material, turning learning into an interactive and enjoyable experience.

We are proud to showcase our AI Chatbot's capabilities are fully operational. Don't just take our word for it - witness the power of our chatbot in action by watching our demonstration video.

We recommend turning on Audio for Text-To-Speech 🔉

In summary, Acadevian – AI Chatbot powered by GPT-3.5 Turbo offers a unique and powerful tool for students and teachers, leveraging books as context to provide accurate answers, summarize complex topics, and generate quizzes. It empowers students with an accessible, personalized, and efficient learning experience, ultimately fostering a deeper understanding of their subjects.

Acadevian Chatbot is an integral part of the Acadevian | School Management System.