Devianops LLC


School Management System

Stars International School,
Date : 17 April 2024

Thank you for considering our proposal for the implementation of our advanced School Management System at Stars International School. We are excited about the prospect of collaborating with your institution to implement this cutting-edge technology, tailored to meet the unique needs of your students, teachers, and administrative staff.

Our School Management System offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to enhance efficiency, safety, and learning outcomes within educational institutions. As discussed during the demonstration, here is a summary of what our system includes.

Included Features:

- LMS Features:

Comprehensive tools for daily school work, quizzes, homework evaluations, study materials, online exams, grade reports, attendance management and many more…

- Branded Mobile App (Android & ios).

- Generative AI for Teachers (NEW)⚡:

  • Empowering teachers to create quizzes, summaries, and study materials effortlessly using Ai.
  • Providing advanced instant grammar and punctuation correction for written materials.

- School Trip Guard System (NEW) :

     Real-time monitoring of student whereabouts during school trips, ensuring safety and peace of mind.

- Employees Attendance System (HR).

- Qmatic Student Gate Departure System.

- Digitalized Complaints and Inquiry System.

- School Bus Tracker.

- Easy Pay.

    Effortlessly Recieve Scheduled Payments 📅, Notify Parents For Due Payments 🔔

- Student Active Wrist-Band (NFC).

- Customization ⭐

Unlike other companies, we understand that each school has its own unique needs and preferences. Our School Management System can be tailored to fit Stars‘ specific requirements, offering a level of customization that is unmatched in the industry.

- Personalized Training & Support:

We pride ourselves on offering one-to-one support. When you have questions or require assistance, our dedicated team is readily available to provide immediate help and guidance. No more waiting for email replies or navigating complex support systems—just direct, personalized assistance tailored to your needs.

- Data Security.

Pricing Offer:


225 EGP / Student / Year

Paid as following:
10% Upon contract.
11 Equal Monthly Installments.


This offer is valid for two weeks.

Ramy Zeidan
CEO @ Devianops LLC