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Acadevian offers a number of benefits to schools, such as improved student engagement, better tracking of student progress, and a streamlined workflow. The system also provides a secure, reliable platform for school administrators to manage their operations, with an intuitive user interface and robust security features.


Acadevian is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of schools, from small private schools to large public schools.
The system is also designed to be easily integrated into existing school infrastructure, allowing for a seamless transition for existing schools.

Super Friendly User Interface 😎

"Classfeed" 📰

a user-friendly interface for managing school’s activities, events and communication. ⚡
It also provides a convenient way to stay organized and keep track of upcoming events.


Student Active Wrist-Band

NFC Technology | Comfy Elastic Cotton

Introducing our innovative active wristband designed specifically for students! With this school branded handy accessory, students can conveniently purchase meals from the cafeteria using their student pre-paid credit rather than cash. Plus, with our state-of-the-art point of sale application, your school can easily keep track of every transaction.

that’s not all – our wristbands also feature an emergency scan function that allows school staff to quickly identify younger students in case of an emergency. This valuable feature displays the student’s name, class, parent contact information, blood type, and any health information within a second. With our wristbands, your school can provide an added layer of safety and peace of mind for students, parents, and staff alike.

Employees & Teachers Check In-Out

Geo-Location Check-in & Out

Employees can conveniently check in using their current location with our mobile app. It’s quick, accurate, and hassle-free.

Permission Requests

Employees can request permissions for absences and late arrivals through the app. Admins can easily accept or decline these requests via the dashboard, streamlining the process.

Generative Ai Tools

Ai Quiz Generator:
Q&A, True or False, Multiple Choice.
Ai Summarizer:
A page to a paragraph in a couple seconds (Literally).
Spelling, Grammar & Punctuation Checker.


School Trip Guard

Acadevian’s School Trip Guard! 🚍 Keep your school trips safer than ever with our cutting-edge security features integrated seamlessly.
– Multiple Supervisor Live Tracking In One Map.
– Organized Checkpoints & Students Check-In for each.
– One Tap Calls (for students & parents in case of emergency).

Ai Chat Guard

Say hello to our revolutionary AI – powered chat monitoring. With our chat guard 🛡, ensure every conversation is positive and respectful. Trust Acadevian to automatically detect and eliminate bad language and toxic 🚩 behavior, making your school environment safer and more supportive.

School Bus Tracker 🚍

"Live Feed" 📌

School bus tracking provide parents and school administrators with peace of mind by allowing them to monitor the location of their students.
Data-driven insights from school bus tracking can be used to improve safety, reduce costs, and optimize routes.

Keep Track Of Your School Buses, Routes 🗺 & Students Check In & Out ✅

Auto Grading


Our new feature lets teachers set weights for each subject to automatically calculate students’ performance throughout the year. This ensures accurate, consistent grading and provides real-time feedback, making academic management easier and more efficient.

Acadevian Finance

Easy Pay 💵

Effortlessly Recieve Scheduled Payments 📅, Notify Parents For Due Payments 🔔

Complaints & Inquiries 📄​

Effective management of complaints and inquiries is the key to a successful school system.
It is important to keep track in order to ensure that they are addressed in a timely manner, Acadevian is a centralized system to record and track all complaints and inquiries.

No More Papers Here & There 🖋 Fully Digitalized Complaints & Inquiries Support Ticketing System 🙌🏻

School Gate Control

Smart Card 💳

For A Safer & Easier Student Departure & To Eliminate The Crowd On Gates. A Smart Card Scanned Upon Parent’s Arrival, Instantly Notify Class Teacher ☑
Student Delivery Complete 🏁

& Many More Advanced Features 🌟




The Metaverse (VR) has been the centre of attraction for quite some time, Students in Metaverse can interact with teachers and communicate with classmates through their avatars.

++ Complaints & Enquiries Resolved in 2022 - 2023
++ Students Departed Using Our System Daily

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